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Latitude Adjustment is a 1996 Jeanneau Lagoon 35 ccc catamaran. Though Jeanneau is a French company, the boat was built in Rhode Island by TPI. Only 11 of these boats were produced. At that point Jeanneau was bought out by Beneteau who decided it would be more profitable to only produce larger cats. They discontinued production. Latitude Adjustment is Hull #1.

Being long time monohull sailors we fell for the myth that catamarans are dangerous as they can capsize and are not self righting (as monohulls should be). Because we decided to go cruising again we wanted a boat that Schooner (our 11 year old dog) would be comfortable in. I didn’t think he would enjoy heeling on a monohull. I did more investigation of cruising catamarans and came to the conclusion they are as safe or safer than monohulls. While they can capsize (in horrendous conditions or because of stupid errors), they tend not to sink like monohulls.

Monohull sailors like to say: The point of maximum stability  for a catamaran is upside down. That is true, however the point of maximum stability for a monohull is at the bottom of the sea.

Needless to say I’m a happy catamaran convert.

3 Responses to About Latitude Adjustment

  1. Bob Schindler says:

    Next you’ll be switching to a Trimaran!

    • Alan says:

      Actually not. . Catamarans have more living space. Except for the giant trimarans the two outer pontoons don’t contain living space as does a catamaran.

      This is our last cruising sailboat unless I come into a few million dollars, then all bets are off.

  2. Jud says:

    Sounds like a fun trip. Hope you have good weather.

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