About Us


IMG_0763-1_edited-1 Alan Posner is a retired gastroenterologist who had a lifetime dream of long distance sailing. While still working in the mid 1990’s he met Janice Johnson. They fell in love and moved in together.

Janice had never sailed before, but soon realized she liked it. After about a year she had him read the book “Your Money or Your Life” (which extolls the virtues of retiring early). She then suggested, “Why don’t we retire, sell everything and sail around the world.” How could he refuse. After thinking about it for at least 5 minutes, he agreed.

They sold the small sailboat they had and bought a Nauticat 44 which they lived on for 3 years while cruising from Long Beach California to Stamford Connecticut. In the process they visited 20 countries.

Since that time they’ve had a Corbin 39, Camano 31 trawler, a Flying Scot racing sloop,  a Lagoon 35 catamaran and finally a C-Dory 25 motor cruiser.

They intend to cruise as long as their bodies hold out.