Moving again

Janice and I were probably nomads in a previous life. We just can’t seem to stay in one place for very long (though we were in Florida for 12 years).

We both have our own reasons for wanting to move. Janice can’t stand living under the thumb of what she considers an unfair, dictatorial homeowners association board of directors.  Alan is not crazy about paying Oregon income tax and it’s getting boring cruising up and down the river.

We recently came back from a 10 day cruise of the San Juan Islands, WA. trailering the boat up there was an unpleasant experience but the islands were worth it. There are other great cruising grounds in Canada and Alaska.

So we decided to either move up to the Puget Sound area or to Vancouver, WA and perhaps keep our boat in Puget Sound.

We put the house up for sale a couple of weeks ago and have been house hunting. It probably won’t be easy selling a floating home but we have patience (at least I do).

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