What ever happened to Prologue?

I became nostalgic for my favorite boat Prologue. She was the boat we cruised and lived on for three years.

Prologue’s itinerary

I did an internet search and found her. She was sailed to France where she was put up for sale. I don’t know where she is now. If anyone does, please leave a comment.

French ad for sale of Prologue II


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  1. Tracy Fuller says:

    Hello Alan and Janice, my name is Tracy Fuller and my husband and I just bought Sequel – yesterday. She’s in poor shape and has been living on a lake in Georgia since 2003, but we’re rescuing her to take her back to blue water where she belongs. Her new name is Falcon.

    We’d love to get some more of her history from you. We got your name from the old survey and looked you up. Anything you have prior to 2003 would be appreciated.

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