Profound statement

“It’s better to be ashore wishing you were at sea, than at sea wishing you were ashore”.

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  1. Loraine Lieppman says:

    Alan, Janice and Schooner,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog especially since I just returned from the Bahamas a few weeks ago. A friend of mine just built a home in Elbow Cay near Hopetown. We flew to Marsh Harbor and took a boat to Elbow Cay. We had a wonderful girls trip exploring the different islands…even went to Pete’s Pub (took the same picture as yours) where we had lunch and we all got eaten alive by some unknown bug. Saw so many megayachts in the harbors…pretty amazing. Did you go to Maxwell’s in Marsh Harbor for your groceries. I was so surprised to see what they had there. We bought all our groceries for a week. Well…we had a wonderful trip. It sounds like you all did to. You experienced it with MORE adventure than we did. We are leaving on our 25 year old boat, Sea Dream for Two Harbors in Catalina this Friday for our annual family vacation. The kids will all come over for the week at different times. I think we will have 11 people aboard this weekend plus our labrador, Koa and our bird, Wasabi. Happy Sailing

  2. aposner says:


    Great to hear from you. I remember when you bought that boat. Hard to believe it was 25 years ago. Time is flying by too fast.

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