First Night

Well our first night. We’re anchored at Faber’s Cove near Ft. Pierce. We decided on a short first day run to regain our sea legs. (and Schooner’s).

While Emily is long gone, my fear of thunderstorms is justified. Just as we dropped anchor a wicked thunderstorm enveloped us. Luckily this cove is surrounded by homes land there are many open wifi sites. In checking the weather I came across this sattelite image of our area (we’re a little north of that funny red thing near the East Coast. As the wind and storm is coming from the West I’m afraid we haven’t seen the worst of it. Should have stayed home another day or two.

In addition to the weather problem, the car radio which we use for XM satellite radio is dead. Janice won’t do overnight passages without her NPR. We’ll have to find a Best Buy or Walmart and buy a new radio. I wonder when this trip will really begin.

I mentioned early that we’re lucky to be surrounded by private homes as far as wifi access goes. As the wind just picked up to 25kts with gusts to 30, the thought of the anchor dragging and ruining someones private dock makes me think this is going to be a long night.


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3 Responses to First Night

  1. Jane and Larry says:

    Want us to pick you up tomorrow (Monday) and drive you over to the Ft. Pierce Wal-Mart on Okeechobee Rd?

  2. Lee Ann says:

    So how’d the anchor hold up? Did you cream anyone else’s boat or dock? ‘Bet not.

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