Coming home

The SSCA gam is over. We had a great time, met many interesting people. We also met three of my cousins who live near Washington, DC.

We’re on the way home and expect to be there towards the end of October (barring any hurricanes).

We’re currently anchored in a small cove on Solomons Island, MD

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5 Responses to Coming home

  1. Pat Coontz says:

    Your northern most point on the Chesapeake was my southern most point of my recent week of sailing the Cheseapeake. I’ve enyoyed your narrative and look forward to hearing of your trip home.

  2. Eileen Bishop says:

    We always enjoyed the gam. We follow your adventure with great interest… keep the posts coming!

  3. Lee Ann says:

    We just made reservations to rent a minibago to land cruise some of brian’s stuff up to Portland. Since you’ve done that route several times, I’ll have to pick your brain about when to pull in at night.

  4. Jane and Larry says:

    You’ve had a really interesting trip so far and hopefully smooth sailing coming home!

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