We reached our home dock at about noon today. Now the hard work of unpacking the boat, putting things away and re-organizing our lives. We’re thrilled to be back, but can’t wait for our next adventure.

Hope you enjoyed our blog.

I’ll have more to write when we go on our next trip.

Alan & Janice

S/V Latitude Adjustment

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5 Responses to Home!

  1. Eileen Bishop says:

    Loved your blog! Where will you go next?

    • Alan says:

      Our next “short trip” might be up the west coast of Florida (would hope to see you guys then).

      After that we’re considering the western Caribbean (Isla Mujeras, Belize, Honduras) if the boat and we are still in shape.

  2. Lana says:

    Really enjoyed reading about your trip. See you around.

  3. ju ju says:

    what happened with you guys sunday at china delight??????????????

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