Hurricane Irene

We spent the last two days in the “sticks” of Georgia and South Carolina. Aside from the heat, humidity and large biting green flies the trip was nice. We anchored each night in small creeks off the ICW channel. We were totally isolated (no wifi or cell service) and surrounded by nothing but marsh. It was very quiet and we slept like babies.

We’re now in a marina in Beaufort, SC. As soon as I plugged in I checked the weather and noted the projected tracks for Irene. One of them has her going into the Gulf of Mexico (good). Most of the others have her hitting Florida then running up the East Coast (bad). It doesn’t look like we can avoid her (assuming she stays on track). We’ll just have to find a hurricane hole or Marina, tie the boat up as well as we can, get off the boat and try to find a shelter that will allow dogs.

Not looking forward to it.


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  1. Jane and Larry says:


    We loved Beaufort! We took a carriage ride and they allowed Freckles on the carriage. “The Great Santini” was filmed here and there’s also some history from “Gone With The Wind.” The old houses are gorgeous and the stories are even better. Although ours was a driving trip, we always end up at marinas and I think that’s where we got the carriage. There might have been a “senior” price as well for the carriage tour.


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