I’m impressed

The shock of moving from sunny Florida to Portland last winter is finally wearing off (just as winter is starting again).

Among Portland’s other attributes that really impressed me last week is their mass transit system.

It consists of light rail trains, heavy rail trains, buses and trolley cars. It seems there is one kind of station or another on every street. Best of all, for Seniors it cost $2 to ride all day ($5 for regular people) getting on and off at will. The vehicles are in great condition. Unlike my memories of the subway system in NY there is no graffiti, the seats are fabric (NY abandoned fabric years ago because they would quickly be torn up by knife wielding hoodlums) and comfortable.

Considering parking in downtown Portland is about as available as it is in NYC I think we’ll be taking the train.

I’ve linked to a transit map for those that are interested Trimet System

And here is a typical train:

April 9, 2009- Portland, OR- MAX train

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4 Responses to I’m impressed

  1. Lana Stewart says:

    Much better than the transit in Martin Co.

  2. Alan says:

    🙂 It doesn’t take much to be better.

  3. Kare says:

    Janice I’m visiting family Nov 26-30 … perhaps we can connect when I am there — be fun to see your place and you two … and hear more about your book. Love the title

  4. Laura says:

    The bus in Portland was fun. It helps that the riders don’t look like thugs and bag ladies. As for New York, it’s a different place now. The trains are cleaner and safer. But it’s lost a lot of its character that made it unique.

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