Lassen Volcanic National Park- Hikers we’re not!

Janice on Bumpass Hell Trail

We only spent one day at Lassen. The scenery was beautiful and I took lots of photos that I might upload to my Picasa album. Despite it being the end of June with daytime temperatures in the 60’s-70’s there was much snow on the ground and the mountains.

We decided to hike one trail to the top of a hill overlooking mud pots and sulfer springs. (Bumpass Hell). It was about 4 miles uphill in the snow. About half way up we realized that we should be wearing hiking boots instead of sneakers and boat shoes. When we reached an area where the snow became real mushy and our socks got wet we decided to turn back.

So much for our hiking ambitions.

We’re now sitting in our RV at a park in Susanville, Ca. We should be in Reno tomorrow where the Mensa AG is being held. We’re be staying at a hotel. Yay.



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2 Responses to Lassen Volcanic National Park- Hikers we’re not!

  1. Jane and Larry says:

    That’s a first to hear you say “Yay” to a hotel!

  2. Doug and Jeanette says:

    Hey, guys. Wanted to let you know we’re enjoying your trip. Brings back memories of our honeymoon camping trip from LA to Florida 45 years ago – in a VW bug towing a Ted Williams pop up tent trailer. After a couple of weeks the new bride decided camping was overrated as a life-style. We quickly discovered the joys of motelling.

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