Our next trip

Looks like we won’t be sailing for a while (other than locally). We’ve decided we miss our friends on the West Coast. Here in Florida when one speaks of the West Coast most people think you’re referring to the west coast of Florida, e.g. the Tampa Bay area. No I mean the West Coast of the US.

As it wouldn’t be practical to sail through the Panama Canal again we’ll be driving our Roadtrek Class B RV. Check out the link in the right hand column to learn about Roadtreks.
The plan is to drive to Vail, CO. where we’ll be staying at the empty condo of a neighbor who was grateful that I fixed her virus infested laptop. We’ll be hopefully meeting up with a childhood friend and his wife who live near Denver. Then on to the National Parks in the Pacific Northwest followed by Portland where Janice’s friends and relatives live.

From there we’ll drive to Reno, NV where the annual Mensa gathering is being held in early July. Then on to the SF Bay area, Southern California, Bisbee AZ, Alpine TX (where my brother lives) and finally back home where we can begin sailing again. After all the name of this blog is Cat Cruising, not Roadtreking. Though I hope to have some interesting photos and adventures to share. Parking in Wal-Mart parking lots at night is always exciting.

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6 Responses to Our next trip

  1. Jane and Larry says:

    Have a great time!

  2. charan says:

    I dont see SF on the lsit?

  3. charan says:

    Okay, I see it! When about is this going to happen?

  4. Alan says:

    Should be in the Bay area about 7/10.

  5. Kare says:

    Love to see you both when you are in the S.F. area – truly

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