We’re home

We took the fast track and got home in 6 days. Much to our relief the house is still standing and hasn’t been broken into to.

We have lots of catching up to do. Probably won’t write again until our next trip (unless something exciting happens.

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  1. Jane and Larry says:

    We’re home too! Took a short trip with Freckles to Sugarloaf Lodge near Key West. Larry flew in a 1942 biplane out of Key West which has an open cockpit and which is one he flies as a radio-controlled model airplane (Waco). He also went on a 1/2 day charter boat out of Ramrod Key to snorkel on Looe Key. We ate at some really neat dog-friendly outdoor restaurants in Key West that also had some unbelievable recipes. I love the Key West architecture and we saw some houses (from the outside) that were beautifully redone. They put their cars in the narrow driveway next to the narrow house and cover them!

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