Boise Idaho

Grand Tetons

After spending two nights at Grand Teton National Park (which was breathtaking) we’re in Boise Idaho at a Walmart parking lot (which is less than breathtaking, but you can’t beat the price).

I have to confess that the video I posted on Youtube (my last blog post) was that of Mule Deer, not Elk as my brother who live in the wilds of Texas pointed out). They were still cute though.

Traveling in an RV is pretty similar to traveling in a boat in that things always seem to go wrong. After having my grey water holding tank valve replaced in Golden, CO it seems the mechanic flexed the plastic pipe from the holding tank to the valve too much and now the pipe itself is leaking. If that wasn’t problem enough I found that the generator wasn’t putting out any AC. Well obviously the AC circuit breaker had tripped. So I went under the van and found the circuit breaker on the side of the generator which I could barely reach. I flipped it and of all things the switch fell off and fell into the control box which is held on by proprietary screws for which I don’t have a screw driver. Even if I did I don’t think I could reach the area. So now the generator doesn’t work. I have to find a mechanic who can fix the leak and retrieve the circuit breaker. We should have stayed home.

Tomorrow night we will be staying at a friend of Janice who believe it or not has an RV hookup (including sewage) in their side yard. After that we will be arriving in Portland, OR. Civilization, finally.

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3 Responses to Boise Idaho

  1. Marc says:

    On your way south Portland, be sure to pick up some good Pinot Noirs for us to enjoy while your visiting in SoCal! 🙂

  2. Eileen Bishop says:

    We just returned from a month on the road in our RV, traveling to Washington DC, NY to visit friends, and MI for a graduation. We had a few problems too: battery charger overcharged the start battery (so that’s what that surphur smell was!), overflowing battery acid and cooking the battery. Also had a flat on the tow car and had to replace the new tire with a brand new tire. But look at it this way: no night watches, no dragging at anchor, and real supermarkets everywhere!


    Can you stay up in the mountains where you don’t need a/c? Of course you won’t be able to return to Florida till November. On the bright side, you don’t have to pull weeds while on the road.

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