Rocky Mountain National Park

Janice freezing her buns off in June. Schooner doesn’t seem to mind.

We left Vail with our leaky holding tank and had an appointment with a mobile RV mechanic to meet us at a Staples parking lot in Golden, CO. He actually showed up on time and we determined it was a leaky outlet valve rather than the tank itself. It was relatively inexpensive to fix the problem and we were on our way to Rocky Mountain National Park within about two hours.

We arrived at a wonderful campsite with no water or electricity, but there are flush toilets about a quarter mile down the road. Within a half hour of arriving we noticed two baby elks munching on vegetation about 3 ft. from our RV. It was quite exciting. I uploaded a brief video of this on YouTube. The link is:

The next day we drove around the park ending up at the Alpine Visitor Center at 12,300 ft. Even on a sunny June afternoon the temperature was 51 degrees and the breathing difficult. Coming from hot Florida at sea level this wasn’t too comfortable but the scenery was worth it.

I’m writing this while Janice is driving to a National Forest a few hours from Grand Teton National Park where we’ll spend the night so we can arrive early enough to get a campsite (there are no reservations accepted). You might wonder why we like National Parks. Normally the parks have an entrance fee of $20/car
and the camping costs $20/night. Luckily they treat Seniors well. For $10 they issue a lifetime pass which entitles you to unlimited free admissions and half price camping. Can’t be beat.

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5 Responses to Rocky Mountain National Park

  1. Lana says:

    Loved the video of the elk. Wish it had been longer.

  2. Pat says:

    Also loved the elk video. Try to go to Moose, WY where moose freely roam sometimes closing the road.

  3. Jane and Larry says:

    That youtube video is priceless. The deer (I read your coments first) are not afraid! They are really precious. Thanks so much!

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