After all the excitement of Hurricane Irene, I’m back to just reporting our progress.

We left Myrtle Beach early this AM, encountered lots of fog. Had Janice at the bow blowing our foghorn, while I had my eyes peeled on the radar. Reminded me of our travels in Maine. After a tense hour or so, the fog lifted and we had an uneventful cruise to Southport, N.C.

Currently we’re at the free dock of a restaurant we just ate at called the Provision Company. Actually had good seafood, and with the free overnight dock, a real bargain.

We’ll be leaving tomorrow AM early. We want to make up the time we spent waiting for Irene to pass.


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2 Responses to Boring

  1. Jane and Larry says:


    Sometimes “boring” is a relief! Smooth sailing.


  2. Lee Ann says:

    What’s the rush? You’re retired AND on vacation!

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