Oriental N.C.

We left the free restaurant dock at Southport 2 days ago. We spent yesterday night anchored in a Marine base (Ft. Le Jeune). We were buzzed by helicopters, had multiple dinghies with armed marines landing on the beach (practicing obviously), and heard much artillery in the distance. Luckily it all quieted down after dark and we had a peaceful night.

We left this AM and after traveling for 30 minutes were stopped by a Navy patrol boat. The were conducting artillery practice across the ICW in front of us. We had to anchor and wait an hour before we could go on.

The remainder of the trip was uneventful. We saw minimal damage from Irene and there was minimal debris in the waters of the Neuse River despite what had been reported.

We arrived a little while ago in Oriental expecting to anchor but luckily the free Town Dock had an opening and we’re docked here. It’s right in the center of town, unfortunately the street in front of us is flooded, there is no electricity and the town has to boil its water. They were hit hard. We can stay here for 48 hours and will explore the town tomorrow. Hopefully the water in the streets will have subsided.

Check out www.towndock.net , click on the right side of page “harbor cam” and you’ll see us live (as long as we’re still here).

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3 Responses to Oriental N.C.

  1. Jane and Larry says:


    The harbor cam at Town Dock in Oriental, NC at 7:42 am Thursday does show your boat! Thanks for the link.

    I also didn’t realize you could stay at a marine base (Ft. Le Jeune). When we eat at the marina in Darien, GA where the Homeland Security boats for training are based we like to talk to the personnel and see what we can learn. What you witnessed was also a learning experience. Both examples show us what is actually going on and it can be enlightening!


  2. Lana says:

    I did the slide show at the docks and could see you and Janice in a couple of the pics. Really neat. You’re making good progress. Happy to see you’re making good progress with few problems. How is Schooner doing?

    • Alan says:

      By the way, the railing in front of our boat is not a bridge. It’s part of the sidewalk. The water in front of the boat is flooded sidewalk and land, not part of the harbor.

      Schooner is doing great. Happy dog as always.

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