Death on the ICW

Spent our second day at the free dock in Chesapeake, Va doing more shopping.

We met a liveaboard here who pointed out one of the reason there are so many flies here is that several days ago a boater smelled a terrible smell from a boat 2 boats down from us. He called the police and to make a long story short, they discovered a dead sailor in the boat. It was estimated that he had been lying there for about 5 days. It was assumed he died of natural causes.

They took out the body, but unfortunately nobody claimed the boat and it’s still here. Flies and all. Glad we’re leaving tomorrow AM. We’ll be locking through the “Great Bridge Lock” and expect to anchor just north of Norfolk, VA.

Can’t assume I’ll have WiFi there.

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  1. Jane and Larry says:


    As sad as that is that no one knows the sailor died, he did die where he wanted to be.


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