If it’s not one thing

In the process of “fixing the boat” I discovered that the hose that connects the seawater strainer to the engine water pump intake looked like it was on its last legs. If this hose failed not only would the engine not receive necessary cooling water, but the engine room would fill with seawater causing the boat to sink (The hose is below the waterline).

Well maybe I should have taken my chances. The strainer is located in a space that only a midget (little person) can reach. The engine side of the hose came off easily but no matter how hard I twisted and pulled I couldn’t get it off the strainer side. I finally ended up cutting it off. At this point I was black and blue and had numerous cuts on my fingers. I decided to wait until this AM to install the new hose.

I should mention that this is heavy duty hose with a wall thickness of 3/16″ and circumferential wire embedded in the rubber. Despite lubricating with Joy and using a heat gun to soften and expand it I wasn’t able to push it on to the “barb” on the strainer. I spent several hours trying (really) and am even more sore than yesterday

Tomorrow the plan is to remove the strainer from the boat and try again under more comfortable circumstances. Of course removing the strainer in such close quarters is sure to take off some more skin and add to my contusions.

Such are the joys of boat ownership.


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2 Responses to If it’s not one thing

  1. Lee Ann says:

    Holy canoli- that does not sound like fun at all! What’s the air temp and humidity you’ve been doing all this labor in?

    Get it fixed! Cuz I don’t want you to sink!

    • Alan says:

      No it sure wasn’t. The outside temp was 90 with 80% humidity. The salon of the boat was air conditioned (about 80) but I was working in one of the “hulls”. The air conditioning wasn’t reaching down there.

      This AM I got the whole thing fixed. I’m real sore.

      We’re ready to leave on Thursday, but there is a potential Tropical Storm/hurricane in the Caribbean right now that might be heading our way. That might delay the start. Will know if a couple of days.

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