Next leg

Well the Admiral (Janice) just confirmed it. We leave for the Chesapeake the first week of August. That’s less than a week away. We have a lot of work to do to get ready. Janice is doing the provisioning, and I’m fixing the boat. For those of you who read all my previous posts you might remember I had a problem with my batteries not holding a charge to full capacity. I solved that riddle. The main house bank of batteries consists of 4 batteries in parallel. I disconnected them from each other after fully charging them. After about an hour all the batteries had a normal voltage except for one that was a volt lower (that’s almost 1/2 discharged). What was happening was the good batteries were discharging into the defective battery, lowering the total battery capacity. I just installed a new battery today.

My other job is to keep Janice from overloading the boat. If it were up to her she’d bring the kitchen sink. Catamarans don’t go very fast when overloaded.

The next post probably won’t be until we start the trip.

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3 Responses to Next leg

  1. Lee Ann says:

    So, Admiral is it? She out ranks you Skip??

    Sounds like a fun trip. ‘Course, they all do!

  2. Lee Ann says:

    I’ll let ya in on a little secret… Women have known for eons who’s really in charge. We just let you men *think* otherwise for the sake of your egos!

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