Oklahoma City

On the way to Wichita today we stopped at the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

It was very well done. Janice cried through most of the tour and even I had a tear in my eye.

We were both on a chartered sailboat in Tahiti when it happened so we missed the tremendous news coverage of the event and didn’t feel the magnitude of the tragedy until today.



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2 Responses to Oklahoma City

  1. Lee Ann says:

    Having been with you on that Tahitian charter, I remember feel weirdly out of touch watching the TV coverage of the one year memorial the following year- since we’d missed the tragedy.

  2. Jane and Larry says:

    I was never really a fan of capital punishment until I realized what a relief it was to the families of the victims in the Murrah building that Timothy McVeigh was no longer on this earth.

    Also, a memorable photo was taken and published in the newspapers at that time of Aspen, a search and rescue golden retriever, showing him sitting next to his exhausted handler in Oklahoma City. It was easy to read into the expression on Aspen’s face.

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