On our way

Well we made it to Wichita, Kansas. What I found interesting about our trip so far is the fact that we avoided the “big cities” and traveled mostly rural Southern routes. When we went into stores the clerks would look at us real funny after hearing our accents. What was even more hysterical is that half the time we couldn’t understand anything they were saying. It was like traveling in a foreign country (we did better communicating in Mexico).

For some reason I became obsessed with Tornadoes (as we’re still in “Tornado Alley”). I know the chance of us encountering one is pretty slim, but still.

Well I found I’m not the only one. Last night we were at a campground in the sticks of Oklahoma. Guess what. They had a Tornado shelter on site.

Dodge City, Kansas tomorrow.

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4 Responses to On our way

  1. Marc says:

    An above ground tornado shelter? No wonder……………….

    I think I’d take my chances out running the tornado in my car

  2. Alan says:

    That might work if the roads aren’t crowded. Also might be a problem if the tornado is coming from the side and the road turns right into it’s path.

    I think I’d rather take my chances with hurricanes in Florida.

  3. Eileen and Dick says:

    Love getting your updates. We are also RVing, now near Ann Arbor, Mi after ten days in Washington DC. We’re in MI for our grand daughter’s HS graduation. Great seeing all the kids and grands. Safe travels to you.

  4. Lee Ann says:

    ha ha…look at those hayseeds painted on the door! It doesn’t look very sheltering to me…

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